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Just for today...I will let go of worry.

          Welcome to Reiki Springs Eternal and to my Reiki Journey, one of the most profound experiences along my spiritual path.  And Reiki does “spring eternal” because once you are opened to the energy, you have it for life.  My intent here is to provide you with information about Reiki, as well as to offer my services to you as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

          Reiki, pronounced Ray-kee, is an intuitive, spiritually guided energy that promotes relaxation and stress reduction, often allowing the body’s natural healing process to take place.  Reiki has been described as a subtle, warm energy and has often been referred to as Liquid Sunshine, or as my granddaughter said, “It feels like bubbles all over me!”

          Reiki is not a religion, and persons from all faiths can be attuned to its energy.  This gentle technique can do no harm, is applied through hands-on touch and can easily be combined with traditional medicine and other therapies.  Reiki works well with both alternative and mainstream healthcare and will not interfere with your current medications.

          Many believe that the ability to work with this energy was lost at some point in human history, and this natural method for healing and relaxation was “rediscovered” in the early 1920’s by Mikao Usui after twenty-one days of meditation and fasting on Mount Kurama in Japan.  As a Buddhist,  Dr. Usui was searching for his own path to enlightenment, as many of us do during extraordinary periods in our own lives.  On the twenty-first day, it is said that Dr. Usui was struck by a blinding ball of light that entered his crown revealing to him the method of applying this energy, resulting in the reintroduction of this healing energy into the spiritual community once again.

          In Japanese, “rei” means universe or spiritual and “ki” is energy, and therefore Rei-ki is Universal or Spiritual Energy, or energy from God.  Reiki can be accessed and used by any person, once he or she is “attuned” to the energy.   To be “attuned” is to receive the vibratory imprint of this energy, thereby bringing you into harmony with the Source.  As a result of my Master/Teacher training, I am able to offer attunements, along with a comprehensive, educational program where you learn how to promote healing within yourself and others using this remarkable technique. 

"When you come to the edge of all the light you have,
and must take a step into the darkness of the unknown,
believe that one of two things will happen to you:
either there will be something solid for you to stand on,
or you will be taught how to fly."             
~Patrick Overton

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Janis Blanchard
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